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6 Activities to do at Home with your Family

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Whether you are working from home or participating in virtual schooling it can be a challenge to find ways to entertain the whole family. Our Gryph & IvyRose family has put together a few fun & easy activities to try at home with your kids. From incorporating them into your workout routine to DIY lip scrubs. Check out our list of 6 activities to do at home with your family and watch out for some video examples on our Instagram @gryphandivyrose.

6 Activities to do at Home with your Family:

1. Color with Chalk

No one likes to scrub off crayons or markers from the walls or kitchen counter. That's why we suggest coloring with chalk while inside the home. It is easy to wash off of most surfaces with water. (The kids might even help with the washing) 

Kids playing with chalk

2. Read a Book 

Take this time together to sit down a read a book. Whether it is a mid-day break or a part of the nighttime routine. 'The Lost Elephant' is a beautifully illustrated book by our beloved pediatrician Stephen Cowan. 

reading the lost elephant book with your child

3. DIY Lip Scrub

This lip scrub is only three ingredients found in your kitchen pantry. Simply mix together 2 TBS of brown sugar, coconut oil and honey to create a fun & sweet scrub for your lips. Watch this video tutorial on @gryphandivyrose.

DIY three ingredient lip scrub for kids

4. Workout with the Littles 

Working out at home can be challenging with a little one around. Try to include them in your workout routine, whether that is letting them try a few reps themselves or make them a weight by carrying them on a walk or a set of stairs. 

working out with your kids in a hiking backpack

5. Write in a Gratitude Journal

Take the time to write 3 things that you are grateful to have in your life to promote a growth mindset. This can be done together or individually. You can make it more fun by adding some doodles, stickers or collage work to your journal. 

kids writing in their gratitude journal

6. Bake Scones 

We found this delicious  scallion scone recipe from Bon Appetit. It is super easy to make with the kids and perfect to go along with some soup or simply by itself. Make a huge batch and you can freeze them for later! Stay tuned for a video on @gryphandivyrose

Baking scones with your kids


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