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6 Ways To Show Your Mom Appreciation At Home

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Many of us love to treat our mom to a nice excursion on Mother’s Day. Whether that is a day at the spa, a delicious meal out or even an adventurous hike. Rather than taking your mom out on the town to show her how much you appreciate her, show her you care while staying at home. Check out these 6 ways to show Mom how much you appreciate the loads of laundry, clean dishes, homework help and unconditional love. 

  1. Make a Bouquet of Flowers
    Since your local flower shop might be closed and the curbside pick up is constantly booked, you might be looking for another solution to the annual bouquet of flowers you get for your mom. Give a creative  bundle of homemade flowers this Mother’s Day. Find different textured paper materials to cut, fold, crumple and glue together as a beautiful bouquet. This is a  bouquet that will last a lifetime & no water necessary! Check out this cool tutorial on how to make a paper bundle here

    Bouquet of Flowers for Mothers Day

  2. Make a mini photo album 
    Take a few steps back to reflect on the past with your mom and remember some of your favorite family memories by creating a mini photobook. No need to run to your local printer. Instead you can  print out some of your favorite pictures at home, add some personal touches around the boarders and maybe write a memory on the back of a few of the images. Take a look at these fun photobook decorating techniques here. 

    Photobook for Mother's Day at Home

  3. Perform a song and dance
    Does your mom ever sing along to the radio or belt one out while she is cooking away in the kitchen? Who doesn’t love a little song and dance? Better yet, surprise your mom with a rendition of her favorite song & choreograph a dance while you’re at it. Your mom will be begging for an encore. Here is a list of songs that moms will love! 

    Dance for your Mother

  4. Give her a Hand Massage with Knight in Armor 
    Times are stressful for everyone but our mom’s are busier than ever. With the kids at home, work at home & school at home there is a lot to manage.  Help relieve some of the stress with a hand massage. Use Gryph & IvyRose’s natural body oil for added moisture. Follow this tutorial for some stress relieving pressure points in the hand. 

    Knight in Armor body Oil

  5. No bake cookies topped with a chocolate heart
    A cookie is the perfect treat to indulge in with your mom. Better yet, top it off with a Gryph & IvyRose chocolate probiotic. Since the hearts hold 3-15 billion live probiotics we don’t want to lose the probiotic benefits with heat. So we suggest making a NO BAKE cookie, topped with a cute chocolate heart. Check out this plant based no bake recipe. 

    Vegan and Gluten free no bake cookie

  6. Late Breakfast in Bed 
    Every mom dreams of breakfast in bed! Especially when it is hand delivered by her little ones. And even more so if the dishes are cleaned up after as well. Don’t fret if you don’t know how to whip up some eggs benny. Mom will even enjoy something as  simple as a bowl of cereal in bed. The key is that mom didn’t have to make it or clean-up after. Check out these  gourmet breakfast-in-bed ideas if you’re feeling up to the challenge.
    Breakfast in Bed on Mother's Day

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