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Get-a-Grip on your Morning Routine with these 3 Easy Hairstyles for Kids

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Sometimes getting your children out of bed, fed, and ready for school or daycare can feel as hard as wrangling in a Tazmanian devil. Vollying back and forth from getting yourself ready to making sure lunches are packed, teeth are brushed, and backpacks are not forgotten. With all of the morning prep on your plate, you might also be struggling to find time to do their hair. Or, if you do have time, are met with screams and whines about the tangles and knots. "Stop pulling my hair!" What a way to start your day!  

So we created a secret weapon every mama can use to ease their morning hair-care routines. Our Get a Grip detangler  for children is easy to spray on and makes brushing hair painless. It helps tame those fly-aways, moisturizes hair, and supports the scalp's biome with functional herbs like Hibiscus Flower and Citrus Peel. 

We put together a guide of the cutest hairstyles for kids that will take less than 5 minutes. No sweat, you got this! 

3 Super Easy 5-minute Hair Styles with Get A Grip Detangling Spray 

1. Half-up, half-down 
A perfect way to keep the pesky hair out of your child's and super cute for picture day at school. We love these 7 Quick Half up Half Down Hairstyles for a fun new take on this easy look. 

 half up half down hair style for kids

2. Double French Braids 
Done with the boring, standard braid? Try a super easy French Braid and accessorize with some cute flowers, beads or hair clips. Learn how to french brand in this short video.

two braid hair style for kids

3. Simple Pigtails
Whether you wear your pigtails up high or down low they are a super easy way to keep your kids hair out of their face and it's absolutely adorable. Check out how to do a pigtail on your toddler in these 5 easy steps. 



5 of our Favorite Hair Tools

1. Mason Pearson Hairbrush for Children

Our Marketing Director swears by this brush for her long, curly-haired 2-year old boy. This child-friendly brush helps increase blood flow to your child's scalp. The boar's hair bristles avoid pulling the hair while gently loosening knots. Purchase the child-size version here. 

2. Teleties Damage-Free Hair Ties 

These hair ties come in variety of colors and patterns to make your pony tail cute and stylish in a heartbeat. 

3. Get-a-Grip Detangler

The Gryph and Ivyrose detangler can be used to keep those pesky fly aways in place while also making the hair soft and easy to brush. 

4. Hair Bows & Clips 

Use a hair bow or clip to dress up your kiddos hairstyle. You can easily find cute and customizable hair bows or clips on Etsy. 

 5. 1 Day Color Spray 

Sometimes our kids want to stand out and add a little color to their locks. An alternative to permanent and damaging dyes is hair chalk or a one day color spray.

Need even more quick hairstyle inspo? Check out this cute video & let us know if you have any more suggested hairstyles for kids in the comments below to be featured on our social media channels!


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