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Herbs For Children, The Gryph & IvyRose Perspective

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Herbs have been used safely and effectively in a pediatric setting for thousands of years. From dealing with sleepless nights to helping stave off sniffles and coughs, people all over the world have found gentle botanical solutions in their forests, gardens, and fields. Children historically respond well to herbs and find the natural remedies to be intriguing and fun. When introduced early on, it can set a path of a lifetime of herbal medicine being an integral part of their medicinal strategy. Let’s examine some of the rationales behind using herbs with children and why it makes sense. 

Two thousand years of “case studies”

Herbs have a rich and well documented history of helping people in their time of need. From royalty in Europe and Asia to farmers across the globe, people have used nature’s bounty to live healthy fulfilling lives. Our libraries are full of meticulously documented uses of herbs to treat children. One of the most prominent is The Chinese Materia Medica, written in the Ming Dynasty, is a compendium of herbal knowledge. It lists pediatric applications of many of the herbs detailed in its pages. The Kampo lineage from Japan has an especially lush history of pediatric herbal usage and goes on to suggest various formulas and strategies. While the European Materia Medica documents a completely different pharmacopeia of herbs that have been relied on since antiquity to help kids stay healthy and strong.

Scientific data now backing traditional medicines

It is always very satisfying when science backs up thousands of years of historical knowledge that predate the modern day scientific process. In the last 20 years, there has been a lot of activity in the scientific community surrounding the research of pediatric herbal medicine. From research on treating allergies to inflammation to respiratory infections, there is lots of encouragement from scientific data confirming the safety and efficacy of herbal medicine for kids. 

Gentle, safe, and effective

All herbs used in Gryph & IvyRose products were chosen with safety and efficacy in mind. The founding team has decades of clinical experience. They used the clinical observations made during their careers to curate the formulas for the Gryph & IvyRose product range to target the child’s needs of today. Rest assured that the ingredients in our formulas are gentle, safe, and effective.

Intrigue and wonder in childhood

Children at their core are drawn to the natural world. The herbal sphere is filled with wonder into the bounty of our planet and what else is out there to discover. Herbs are mysterious and intriguing, and now the children of yester year are uncovering those mysteries with science and research. We are now able to satisfy our children’s curiosity into herbs with both historical documents and scientific data.

A path towards wellness

By introducing herbs early into a child’s life, you are sending them down the path of a more holistic existence and a genuine connection to a wellness lifestyle. Regular herbal usage reinforces mindfulness about our physical and emotional wellbeing. It teaches children that even in times of health, it is important to nourish and feed ourselves with things that will make us stronger.


The logic is strong, the history is there, and now even more then ever science is telling us that herbs are a valuable piece of our wellness protocol. Being that children sometimes take a little coaxing, Gryph & IvyRose has focused on equipping parents with an easy way to provide herbs and probiotics to their children with innovative delivery methods. All our bath and body products contain different proprietary herbal blends that focus on nourishing and tonifiying children with an emphasis on Immune Support. We offer easy organic ways to give probiotics with fun and tasty delivery methods like vanilla chewables and raw chocolate hearts. And for the purists, we have liquid herbal extracts that are alcohol free. We are a community driven company and want to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to reach out or comment below.


Orion NevelOrion Nevel, is a father, husband, and second generation herb lover. Who, now passes down the knowledge and perspective his parents gave him. Using herbs and natural remedies as his first line of defense for his children.

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