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Life and Business as an 11 year old during Covid-19 with Ariella M

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Theme is a limited edition clothing collection designed by 11 year old Ariella Maizner. As Ariella is learning the business she is sharing the journey with her followers and encouraging girls her age to follow their dreams. Ariella always knew she wanted to be a designer. She started sewing at 6 years old. Not only is she a saavy young business woman, but she is a beloved member of the GIRfamily at Gryph & IvyRose. Learn how Ariella balances at home business, wellness and still being a kid in this fun Q & A.

1. How did you balance the transition of online school and business? What was the biggest challenge?

At first it felt really different to do school online. But then I got used to it and it became easier. I liked to do all my work in the morning for school. And then would have fun with my family, facetime my friends and make tie dye and design throughout the week. I think the biggest challenge was not being able to see my friends in person for so long.

2. Where did the inspiration for the theme come from? How has business been in this new normal?

I started sewing when I was 6 years old. I loved to make things to wear to special parties, school and gifts for my friends. I fell in love with designing and dreamt of making my own collection. I didn't want to wait till I grew up to follow my dreams. When I was 9 years old I launched THEME. I wanted to share what I made and inspire others to go after their dreams too. It has been an amazing journey and I have met such incredible people. I get the most amazing DMs from my followers. People of all ages encourage me and tell me that they are inspired to start something they love. That makes me so happy. During the past couple of months, I have been really focused on my community, creating, giving back and making people smile. I launched masks in May to support No Kid Hungry and have come out with a lot of new summer pieces like tanks, bags, and bucket hats, plus accessories like mask chains and a new line of jewelry. We continue to sell a lot on and @theme_nyc and with our great partners.  I am also excited to safely be back doing some trunk shows outside this summer in the Hamptons. I also have some fun collabs coming out that I think everyone will love! 

3. What new activity/hobby did you find in quarantine? We hear you are newly into skincare.

I got really into art during this time. I painted a lot and started doing yoga, taking hikes, learning guitar and doing live workouts on insta.  I am totally into skincare. I turned 11 in April and all I wanted for my birthday was skincare products. I love taking good care of my skin and learning about the benefits of different products. I love the Gryph and Ivy Rose collection and I was lucky that I had it with me in the countryside where we quarantined!

4. What is your skincare routine? How do you use Gryph & IvyRose products?

Every night, I use a sensitive face wash.  Then I use light moisturizer and an eye serum/cream. I finish with a hydrating lip balm. I like natural and organic products. I love to do a facemask too when I have time.  I love Gryph and IvyRose body wash, detangler and shampoo/conditioner. I also LOVE the chocolate probiotics!

5. Why is wellness important to you? How do you practice it differently in the new norm?

I have always liked to exercise, and I typically eat pretty healthy. I feel better when I do. I did a lot more online fitness classes since I can't go to studios or play on teams right now.  Now that it is summer, I am swimming a lot, doing water sports. like stand-up paddle boarding and riding my bike everywhere.  Also my family always loves to cook at home. My dad is a great chef and my mom is really into healthy eating. During quarantine, I had more time to learn how to cook healthy which is a lot of fun. I've started making meals for my entire family.

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