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Probiotic Almondmilk Shake for Gut Health by Viktoriya Cole

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I've always heard about gut health and how it affects so many other factors of your overall health but it wasn't until several years ago that I truly took it seriously. Eating real food mindfully not only affects your physical health but mental as well. This is why I truly believe that those healthy or unhealthy habits are established in your home early on. I've learned through my experience that we have the ability as parents to tap into each individual child and feed them foods that will nourish them, help promote healthy development and expand their pallets. We are all individuals with unique tastes and pallets. I see that with both of my kids who are under 5, but there are definitely some of the foods that they both like, like fruity shakes. I love to make shakes for my kids because I can sneak in some things into them that they normally wouldn't even want to try like some fresh ginger or flaxseed. Another great thing about making a shake for your kids is to sneak in some great supplements like this amazing Banana Probiotic Powder which promotes a healthy digestive system and boosts their immune system.


 Banana & Pineapple Shake

- 1 Banana

- A handful of Chopped Pineapples

- Half of an Orange

- Cashew/Almond Milk

-1 Tbsp of Flaxseed

-1 Tsp of Cinnamon

-1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter

-1 Cup of ice

-1 tsp of Banana Probiotic Powder

Blend all of these ingredients in a blender and serve right away. The best part about this recipe is that you can find some popsicle molds and turn this into a frozen treat.

Banana Probiotic and Pineapple Shake

Enjoy :)

-Viktoriya Cole 

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