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Skin Solutions for Dry, Winter Skin with Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm

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Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition affecting up to 12% of children.  We have created Seal the Deal, a superior skin solution for all ages to alleviate dry skin & symptoms of eczema.

The moisturizing balm is gently mixed in small batches and meticulously steeped for 30 days, using hot & cold processing allowing oils to break down botanicals slowly and naturally, extracting the full-spectrum of herbal benefits. Staying true to our brand ethos of high-performance, wellness minded products, the formulation includes organic and sustainably sourced herbal ingredients to nourish, soothe and protect the skin.

Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm is the ultimate multi-tasker, and we suggest getting the most out of it by also using it in these ways:

Dry Winter Skin
Don’t be uncomfortable in your dry, cracked or chapped winter skin. Our ultimate healing balm uses natural botanicals like Licorice, which is used throughout the world, topically for skin soothing antioxidants and hydration. Apply a small amount to the dry area 1-2 times daily, but keep away from open cuts, wounds sores. 

Seal the Deal, moisturizing balm used on dry skin on the knee

Chapped Lips
Drinking water is one of the many steps keeping your skin and lips looking hydrated. But the ski slopes, dry winter air, and the heat in your offices or homes can lead to annoying chapped or peeling lips. Keep those lips moist by applying a small amount of Seal the Deal daily in replace of your other chap sticks. It will leave them soft and shiny. Try wearing a little extra Seal the Deal moisturizing balm to bed for an overnight solution.

Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm used on chapped lips


Soften Cuticles
Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a little mani-pedi every once in a while, but sometimes the budget and schedule gets in the way. Soften those pesky cuticles with Seal the Deal before and after your at-home manicure. Support the healing process of damaged cuticles with botanicals such as a key ingredient in Seal the Deal, turmeric provides anti-inflammatory properties to your cracked skin and alleviates irritations.

Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm being used on rough cuticles

Moisturizing Face Wash
Our founder and supermodel, Karolina Kurkova loves to use Seal the Deal as an added moisturizing boost in her facial cleansing routine. Adding a small amount of Seal the Deal to your regular cleanser is an easy way to clean and deeply moisturize with botanicals all at once. Read how she incorporates it into her routine in this W Magazine article.

Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm being used on face by Karolina Kurkova

Rough Elbows
Do your children's elbows ever feel like sand paper, leaving your itchy and irritated? Get rid of rough elbows with a dollop of Seal the Deal. Gently rub all over the dry spot, either after showering or before bed. The special blend of Shrubby Sophora, Beeswax and other natural botanicals can help clear heat, stop itching and smooth rough patches.

Seal the Deal Moisturizing Balm used on dry elbows


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