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Stay Motivated in 2019 with Karolina Kurkova

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January is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions have to! We know coming up with resolutions is easier than sticking to them (especially with little ones to think about). To help keep up the positive momentum in 2019, our co-founder Karolina Kurkova answers a few questions about her 2019 wellness routine and talks about how she stays motivated throughout the year. Karolina even shares how she incorporates her boys into her workout. There goes the “But, I have kids!” excuse ;)

1) What is your go-to workout routine, how do you find time to do it with your kids, and do you incorporate your kids into your workout routine?

There was a time when I managed to do a workout on the beach with Noah and I actually really enjoyed it! I had to get creative with it. I made a game of it to keep him engaged. I used him as a weight, even though the workout took a little longer than usual. Now I can just workout when the boys are at school. That really is my time and I make sure to take advantage of it. I think it is really important to use that time when it is available. I like to do a lot of classes (yoga, barre, spinning, etc.) because you can just show up, there is a sense of community and not all the focus is on you. I do also enjoy a good workout completely on my own, because I can just pop in my headphones and listen to music or a podcast and be in the moment.

G&IR Workout Tips:

-Take advantage of any free time you have and use it for yourself

-Find a good app or a trainer you like to make sure that you get stuff done. [The G&IR team recommends, Classpass. You can do a 5 am workout before the kids wake up and workouts that will get you a sweat in as little as 10 minutes!]

-Have a game plan for when you’re on your own so that you don’t stray off track. [Scheduling out your day hour by hour may help you realize an unforeseen 20 minute block to sneak in some pushups, squats, or downward dogs.]

-Listen to your body. [We don’t abide by the #nodaysoff motto. Take a day off when you need it, and take a few days back on when you can manage it!]

-Be creative & make it fun! [These fit Instagram influencers give us tons of inspo!]

2) What is your pre & post workout snack/meal? How can you make that kid friendly?

I already make my snacks and daily food kid friendly. I don’t make things just for the kids and just for the adults. Keep it simple. I really do try to get my boys to try everything.

Pre-workout:  It depends on time. When I have more time I love avocado toast or toast and coconut oil (instead of butter), a banana, bullet proof coffee (collagen, octane oil, coconut oil, sugar, oatmilk, cinnamon). If I am in a rush, then I grab a protein bar because it is easy and quick.

Post-workout: I am usually starving at that point, so I am looking for a nice balanced meal: eggs with veggies and avocado, or a big salad with lots of greens, seeds, veggies, grilled chicken, and fish.

3) When you are traveling how do you continue to support your immune system and not feel run down?

I like to limit my alcohol, but I am really not a big drinker anyways. I do things that boost my immune system such as eating clean, going to a steam room or sauna, exercise, probiotics, vitamin C, B-12, and a sleeping aid to help when I am on a different time zone such as tea or herbal supplements.

[Our Call It A Night herbal supplement is just as effective for adults! Follow the instructions for an adult-sized dose.]

4) What is your number one wellness tip for traveling mothers?

 Anti-bacterial wipes to clean surfaces, especially on the planes.  

5) As a part of your wellness resolution for 2019, how do you plan on incorporating your family/boys into it? 

I would like to take care of myself more. When you are a mom it is easy to take care of everyone else first. I don’t want to just take care of myself from the outside but more spiritually (taking the time for me). My family will also benefit from me being in the right space and centered. I want to start doing more yoga, chakra openings, meditation. I want to feed my mind rather than just the body. I also want to do these things with my children and expose them to it. If I am going to do yoga or meditate, they can do it too. They can mimic me and it is a good way to spend time. Maybe even a kids yoga routine.

[For reasons yoga for kids is great, check out this article.]

6) While wellness is a key part of starting off the new year right, we all have a guilty pleasure. What’s yours?

Fresh whipped cream! When my mom comes to visit she makes it. I can eat it by the spoonful! A little dark chocolate doesn’t hurt either. 

[We've got a guilt-free chocolate treat for you right here.]


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