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Tropical Immune Support Smoothie

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Spring is here, and we all want our children to feel their best so that they can enjoy the amazing weather and summer fun that is just around the corner. Probiotics, exercise, herbs, and eating right are all great ways to support their immune systems. Although we normally do not think about health until they get sick, wellness is something we should practice every day. Eating right and getting lots of healthy nutrients can be fun and exciting, it’s just a matter of positioning. Kids love to make smoothies and usually like the sweet treat, now as parents it is our job to sneak in healthy ingredients to help them thrive.

Most of what we call the immune system exists and functions in our digestive tract. That is why it is very important that we have the right helpful bacteria in the gut to assure everything is functioning at its highest levels. Getting our children to eat right and take probiotics sometimes can be a challenge. So, we have whipped up this smoothie recipe that gets plant based vitamins and nutrients into your child while also loading them up with the superpowers of herbs and probiotics.

We crafted this recipe to make sure kids would love it, but for lower sugar content use a frozen berry mix instead of tropical and leave out the frozen banana. Customizing is the key to life so please go wild and make it your own!

We would love to hear about what you think or how you may have customized the recipe— please leave a comment below or connect with us on social !



Gryph's Tropical Immune Support Smoothie!

Serves 2 

  • 1 Frozen organic banana
  • 1 Cup frozen organic tropical fruit mix
  • 2oz Organic coconut water
  • 2oz Organic coconut milk
  • 1 Handful organic baby spinach
  • 1/4th Teaspoon of Banana Probiotic Powder
  • 60 drops Forceshield
  • 30 drops Organic vanilla extract
  • 1 Pinch grey celtic sea salt  

Blend on high for 45 seconds or if your blender has a smoothie button then you know what to do. Serve while cool and see the smiles!

Rationale behind the recipe

Banana – Plant based source of B-6, copper, folate, & vitamin C round out the nutrient profile of this great fruit, plus it makes things naturally sweet!

Tropical fruit mix – Tropical fruits like mango and pineapple are high in vitamin C

Coconut water – Great source of electrolytes to help stay hydrated

Coconut milk – Great source of healthy fats

Baby spinach – Good source of vitamin C and always want to sneak greens in!

Banana Probiotic Powder – Taking probiotics supports a healthy immune system and digestion

Forceshield- The herbs in this formula have been shown to stimulate the immune system in the digestive tract

Vanilla extract – Good source of antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflammatory

Sea salt – Good way to get a little bit of trace minerals, we suggest Celtic Sea Salt

The Banana Probiotics Powder is certified organic and Forceshield herbal elixir is certified kosher and made with organic and premium herbs. Try them and your kids will love it!


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