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What Makes Gryph & IvyRose Earth-Friendly

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Made with the Wind

All of our Bath & Body products are made with energy from wind power. Wind is a clean fuel source that doesn’t pollute the air or cause atmospheric emissions that cause acid rain or greenhouse gasses. Ain’t that breezy?

Rock paper (no scissors)

We use TerraSkin® mineral paper on our probiotics and herbal elixirs. TerraSkin® doesn’t require harvesting trees, doesn’t use water (thus no water pollution), is naturally bright white (so requires no bleaching chemicals), and is made from calcium carbonate, an abundant natural mineral! Plus, these products are offered in beautiful glass containers that can be reused or recycled.

Made in the US

Being made in the US has many benefits, amongst them that the EPA requires manufacturers in the US to adhere to strict environmental standards that limit emissions and pollutants and it creates jobs for American workers.

Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free

Being kind to animals is a compassionate, ethical, and beautiful choice that we stand by which is why we are Leaping Bunny certified.

100% Vegetarian

Our products are not tested on animals and don’t contain them either! Vegetarian friendly products are free of animal-derived ingredients obtained as the result of slaughter. Most of our products are Vegan as well, meaning they contain no animal-derived ingredients, including honey or beeswax. The reason all of our products are not vegan is because our probiotics are cultured on dairy. 

Organic Ingredients

Our line of probiotics are all USDA certified organic and we use organic ingredients in our bath & body and elixirs whenever they are available. Due to the wild-grown nature of many of our herbal ingredients, certified organic options are not always available, but rest-assured we always source the safest and highest quality ingredients for our little ones and yours. Organic farming is good for the soil, avoids polluting groundwater, mitigates global warming, and always means no GMO’s.

Made without harsh chemicals: parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
Parabens can be bad for humans and the environment. They are believed to cause cancer, disrupt hormone function, and are linked to reproductive issues. They are washed into the sewage system and released into the environment as well. We stay away from parabens along with biome-stripping sulfates and phthalates that can affect reproduction and development.


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