How to Soothe Your Kid’s Irritated Skin Naturally

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“If you could find one product to relieve and soothe your child’s irritated, allergy-prone skin, would you do it?”

What if this product was also natural, cruelty-free, pediatrician-approved, and supported the skin’s natural biome? 

I know, it sounds like holy grail type stuff. 

If your child has sensitive, irritated skin, you’ve probably reached for more over-the-counter clinical-grade products like me—anything to make your kid feel better.

But did you know that many baby and kids products contain nasty additives like SLS, ethyl alcohol, parabens, petrochemicals, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrances that can disrupt your child’s hormones and wreak havoc on their health?

You would think that because these products are made for babies and kids, they would be safe, right?

Unfortunately, not.

Not when it’s cheaper for most companies to cut corners and add all these stabilizers and synthetics.

After learning this, I was on a mission. Natural or bust.

How do I know which brand or which product will work?

I’ve tried every natural baby and kid brand out there. Some are great, some not so great. It’s hard to know which brands to trust and which products will be effective. 

They’re often pricey, too, so you have to watch your wallet, or you’ll go broke trying all these products. Plus, irritated, sensitive skin doesn’t really want to be tested on over and over again with different ingredients.

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One of the most important parts of my son's day is bath time

Luckily, I’ve done the legwork for you.

I’ve spent the dollars, the mid-nap research hours, and done testing for you.

The best bath and body products I’ve ever bought for my littles (or myself) I found in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I was pregnant with my second at the time and caught this section on “royal motherhood.” The article was “treat your baby - and yourself - like royalty with these luxe essentials.”

Ever on the prowl for the best of the best when you’re pregnant, I couldn’t help myself. I was drawn to these cute botanical grooming products. 

But due to my research-heavy instincts, I went to their website to check these out first.

The Future Is Natural

With a child that has sensitive skin, my first priority was to check if these products would help me in any way soothe his irritated and allergy-prone skin.

The company I’m talking about is Gryph and IvyRose. Their products contain high performance, natural botanicals that are packed with anti-inflammatory, ultra-hydrating, soothing properties perfect for suppressing allergic reactions.

They are also formulated with gentle and effective ingredients to support the skin’s natural biome. This means they help the skin be better at what it already does without stripping it of its natural oils and soothing properties. 

They never include any harsh, disruptive chemicals like parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

What made me feel comfortable was that their products are pediatrician approved. I love the idea of a doctor going through and vetting each of these products.

After reading a few reviews, I was sold. 

I went to the company website and bought the Daily Embrace Shampoo + Conditioner first.

Order yours today and let me know how much you love them! I’d love to hear from you.

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The smell, gentleness... this stuff is everything!


Experts Are Calling This A Must-Have For Natural Mamas

Since my initial research, I have seen this brand everywhere! On Instagram, Facebook, Parents magazine, Oprah magazine, you name it. 

The company was created out of a need three parents saw in the market. The pharmaceutical remedies available just weren’t cutting it when it came to caring for their children. It was only when they started trying herbal remedies that they saw an improvement in their kids’ sleep, digestion, and mood.

Focused on both safety and effectiveness, Gryph and IvyRose was born.

I Tested It Out  Was It Worth It?

Like most people, waiting for a new product package is like waiting for Christmas to come. The day my package arrived, I raced down the stairs, flung open our recently painted pink door, and stepped out in my embarrassing fuzzy slippers to wrap my arms around this new arrival.

I could not wait for bath time tonight to try it, which is huge since bath time is usually just the first stage of the epic bedtime battle.

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It's been easier to get my son to take baths than ever

Our Botanical Experience

Day 1:

First of all, I love love love how the Daily Embrace smells, and so did my son! In fact, he held onto the bottle while I washed his hair and just seemed to be soaking in the scent.  He immediately seemed calmer and more relaxed.

Day 8:

Usually bath time doesn’t last very long; he jumps in and then out. Hardly enough time to get his circadian rhythm, thinking it’s time for bed. But lately, he’s been enjoying himself. I’ve also noticed his skin looking better and him feeling less irritated in his clothes during the day. I’ve also noticed that his allergies have been better.

Day 27:

After almost a month, I can honestly say this is by far our favorite purchase ever!  My son’s skin has been looking more balanced and clear; he’s been loving bath time and has even been going to bed easier. 

Final Thoughts

Gryph & IvyRose have really made bath time a soothing, relaxing experience now. What used to be a battle is now much more of a bonding experience. He plays, and I relax. We talk and laugh about our day. But most of all, it’s helped him love bathtime, and it’s helped him to wind down.

The night time wind down is actually something I look forward to now. Putting him down for bed is a lot easier now that the warmth of the bath and the soothing scents have prepared his body for it. He is so ready to go to bed after his bath.

If You Can Get Your Hands On These — Do It Now

With how amazing these products are and all the press they’ve been getting, these products have been selling out really fast. If you can get your hands on one of them- do it. I was placed on a 2-week waiting list last time I ordered, and it made me super nervous for bedtime. 

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The last time I checked, they were even offering massive bundles and discounts for the holiday season. 

Try it out, and let me know what you think!

Update: Limited quantities are left. Promotion Ends:
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David Shannon
How fast can you see the results?
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Kate Orson
I think it's different for everyone, but my daughter's skin problems went away after about two weeks!                            
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Agnes Graeme
Ordered! Cannot wait for it. been looking for a solution for my son's irritated skin. hopeful that this works!
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Harry Keegan
Great product and fast shipping! Best of all, my kids love it
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Sandra Greig
How long does shipping take?
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Linda Campbell
Hey Sandra, got ours after about a week.
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Leonard Boyd
Mine has arrived today! Definitely helped with my daughter's skin problems! Have already bought one for my mother. Thank you for this great product!!!
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Bridget Prescott
Love that this is organic!! as a family, we try to stay away from too many chemicals
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Marissa Emerson
Hey Louise, this is what you need for Sarah !!
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Louise Clive
I've heard of this product before. have ordered one now! 
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Lauren Johnson
Did you buy one, how long does it take to get it
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Edith Ashton
For me, only a few days 
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Barbara Bradly
I want it!!
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Ethel Dean
Does anyone know how long the shipping takes? Want to buy one for my daughter's children.
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Clara Milton
Hey Ethel, mine arrived in a few days
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Emma Shelby
Your grandkids will love it! 
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Charles Madison
Am a skeptic ... Have bought one and am positively surprised. kids love it. My wife also uses this. I highly recommend it. Thank you!
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Isabella Mayson
Thank you, our arrived today! Will test it tonight.
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