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Two Ingredient Kuzu Pudding

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It's All Hallows Eve, and your kids are suited up and ready to hit the streets. The scariest part about this ghoulish holiday isn't the witches and warlocks, but the double, double tummy trouble heading your way. An average Jack-O-Lantern bucket carries about 250 pieces of candy amounting to about 9,000 calories and three pounds of sugar, according to the Milk Processors board.

If this sounds like a recipe for a belly ache to you too, try our simple, 2-ingredient Kuzu recipe below for the perfect solution.

Research shows that flavonoids in Kuzu can bolster the body’s reaction to constipation and indigestion1 and is an excellent home remedy for children with difficult and weak digestion, or settling tummies after a Jack-O-Lantern full of candy.

Kuzu starch is an almost tasteless thickening starch so it can be added to most puddings, sauces, and creams. We like making it with apple juice for a subtly sweet treat and adding our Bellyworks Elixir, which works best when mixed with non-acidic juices. If your kids are on a sugar high from all that candy, you can also try the Call it A Night for sleep support.

Trick -or- Treat!



1 cup liquid of your choice (we like organic apple juice)

2-3 tablespoons kuzu starch powder


    • After you measure out your kuzu, make sure to crush it into a fine powder
    • The exact amount of kuzu to liquid varies based on both the quality of the kuzu and the liquid being thickened. As a general rule, acidic juices, such as lemon or orange, will require about 25% more of the kuzu powder.
    • Always dissolve kuzu powder completely in a small amount of COLD fluid. Make sure to deduct the amount of cold fluid from your overall amount of fluid.
    • Heat remaining liquid until it simmers and then turn down heat and slowly add kuzu mixture until pudding begins to thicken and you reach desired thickness.
    • It is important to stir kuzu puddings continuously throughout the heating and thickening process.
    • This entire process should take only a few minutes. When the “milky” color of the kuzu disappears and the liquid is thick, the cooking is done. The pudding is ready to be eaten immediately. Kuzu does not need to “set” like jello or agar.
    • After removing from heat, add Elixir based on your child’s needs: Sleep support = Call it a Night, Digestion Support = Belly Works, Preventative Immune Support = Forceshield, Mood Support = Moody Blues
  • Kuzu puddings can be eaten warm, at room temperature, or cooled.
  • Kuzu puddings are best prepared fresh daily. If necessary, they can be refrigerated and prepared every other day.


1Japanese Foods That Heal, Tuttle 2007

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