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Get to Know Us

After seeking out what we thought were the most “natural” and “healthy” product offerings, we realized most options came up short in one department or the other. We wanted to craft a diverse product line that would support the body’s immune function, present high performance and lasting results as well as offer multiple ongoing regimens to address the different challenges our children face. Our commitment to enhancing children’s lives with wellness in a sustainable, accessible and prestigious way began and Gryph & IvyRose was formed.


Gryph & IvyRose uses organic ingredients whenever possible. Due to the unique and wild-grown nature of some ingredients, organic options are not always available. We have spent years developing relationships with providers across our supply chain to make sure that we are delivering the safest, highest quality ingredients in every product. 


We believe what we put on our body can be as important as what we put in it. And this is even more true for the delicate little ones in our family. Our herbal proprietary wellness blends are 20 times stronger then industry standards. By packing as much natural herbal extracts into our products as possible, we support the skin’s natural biome, supporting the immune system from the outside.


Every product was developed for our own children to ensure they are safe and effective enough for yours. All product development conversations and goals revolve around safety. There are 1400+ commonly used personal care ingredients that we will not allow in products bearing the Gryph & IvyRose name. 


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