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Each product is crafted with a specific purpose in order to promote a thriving environment for growing children. Leveraging 50 plus years of herbal experience and practice in the founding team, proprietary blends are formed using exotic, safe, and functional herbs.


Some of our favorites

Poria Mushroom Poria Mushroom is a subterranean mushroom that only grows around the root of a pine tree. Well known for its spirit lifting medicinal applications, Poria is also used to help anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue

GingerGinger is great to calm digestion and warm the stomach, it also strengthens the immune system and can invigorate the appetite. Ginger can be used as a soak or made into a cream to cleanse the skin and reduce inflammation. 

CalendulaCalendula is a variety of marigold that is widely known to help bruising and detox the body when used topically. It is also very popular for it's oral applications as an antioxidant and to ward of viruses.  

MIntField Mint is a flowering variety of mint that grows in Europe and Asia. It is well known for it medicinal applications. Field Mint soothes and cools, and is refreshing and lively.

HibiscusHibiscus is a very large group of flowers known from Florida to Hawaii  for their beauty and medicinal benefits. Used widely throughout the Caribbean to reduce blood pressure, Hibiscus also has external applications which stem from its amazing antioxidants which help the body react to free radicals 


How we approach product development 



BrickhouseMaking products is what we are passionate about. Connoisseurship, passion, and a little dash of selectivity all play a role in our manufacturing process. We generally choose tried and true methods of herbal extraction and personal care product manufacturing while paying attention to exciting new innovations in both fields. All of our products are made here in the USA giving us the opportunity to work with firms who are highly selective and only a quick trip away. 


Kids Holding HandsWe never lose sight of who our products are for, and make sure that every item we offer we would use with our children. All product development conversations and goals revolve around safety. We have identified over 400 commonly used personal care ingredients that we will not allow in products bearing the Gryph & IvyRose name. Additionally our herbal proprietary wellness blends are 20 times stronger then industry standards. Ever wonder why your herbal shampoo is clear and our products are tinted? That is because we packed as much natural herbal extracts into our products as possible.


ChamomileBuying from the right supplier is a key component to delivering a top notch product. We have spent years developing relationships with providers across our supply chain to make sure that we are delivering the highest quality product possible.