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Boost your Immune System Through Herbs & Nutrition

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It's hard enough dealing with the daily demands of your kids, but when colds and fevers pop up it can become even more challenging. You are forced to miss work and other obligations, and your child is miserable and misses school and the ability to see his or her friends. 

So what are some ways that we can support our child's immune system so that it is in tip-top shape to ward off germs?

We sat down with our expert, Dan Atchison-Nevel, AP  to discuss his favorite immune supporting herbs & nutrition habits that the whole family can incorporate into their wellness regimen. Dan Atchison-Nevel, AP  is the Clinical Director of NSEV Healing & Acupuncture clinic with over 35 years of experience.

Q: What are some ways we can prepare our children for cold and flu season?

1. Proper Sleep & Rest

"In cold & flu season it's even more important to get proper sleep & rest. In cold & flu season, we often run around even more. In addition to normal things, we’re running around to parties and events so it becomes really important to have rest time. Rest could mean taking an hour in the afternoon to sit in the backyard and get sun on you or sit around and read books. Rest & sleep are really critical ingredients and this shows to be true in any experience because that really help to build the immune system."

2. Proper nutrition & eating habits 

"Good food that you are absorbing is really important. You can’t just eat food & assume that the nutrients are being absorbed. If your child is having loose stools or constipation or gas or is eating too quickly, its not going to be supplementing to their immune system.What we’ve found is that when families eat together or you eat a slow cooked meal, it has a great effect on the immune system."

Q: How can we make sure that our children are absorbing nutrients? 

"Historically, people have always supplemented the digestive system with certain herbs that can aid us. That’s where Forceshield really comes into play. Forceshield is actually a modification of a formula that’s been used for hundreds of years to help the immune system.  I modified it specifically for the needs of children. Children have a developing digestive system so I put even more digestive aids in there. In addition to supplementing the 'protective energy,' we’re supplementing their nutrition. So that everything they do eat will be absorbed better." 




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