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Insights from Skincare Expert, Joanna Czech

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I had the absolute honor & pleasure of sitting down with Joanna Czech to ask for some of her skincare advice (Check out our IGTV). Having had phenomenal treatments from her in the past, I can speak from personal experience about her no nonsense and customized approach to skincare. The results were unreal.  While I can't wait to get back to her studio in person, I'm excited to share her wisdom for an at home care here. 

Karolina Kurkova 

1. What are your recommendations for a quick at home facial?

In order of application: Cleanser, Mild Scrub, Toner (use press/release application), Massage (7-10 minutes), Proper serums, Facial mask (20 minutes), Eye Cream, Moisturizer

2. How have you adapted your practice for this new way of life?

Yes, I have expanded my Virtual Consultation schedule and talked to clients over 300 clients from 27 different countries 1 x 1 regarding their personal skincare- I really enjoy teaching. And of course our studios are adhering to strict safety protocols. I have also had more time to work on new projects & test new products.  And I have been able to focus on our E-commerce business, which has picked up considerable, which I am grateful for. 

3. What is the biggest skincare mistake you see most commonly?

-Doing what your girlfriend does. We each have unique skin conditions and lifestyles, so what works for your friend, may not work for you. Follow the advice of a professional.
-Forgetting about your neck,  décolleté and hands. These areas have less sebaceous glands and show signs of aging before other parts of our face and body. Our face starts at the nipples and ends at the hairline, so everything you do for your face, do for those parts
-Over-exfoliating. Our skin needs to be respected, supported and protected. With more time at home, many people have overdone peels, scrubs etc…doing them too often and this can irritate the skin.

Especially kids skincare? 

Going to bed without washing their bodies and hair. As babies we are bathed and washed at night, we need to continue this practice through adulthood!

 4. What resources do you recommend for people to use for at-home skincare?

It is important for them to communicate with their experts to make sure they have a routine that is best for their skin conditions, as opposed to getting this information through girlfriends or social media.  

5. There seems to be a lot eczema flare-ups in families. What do you think the change is & what is your number one suggestion for parents dealing with eczema?

Eczema has many causes, it can be from food, environment, stress, products, or genetics. Balms can help with the irritation and inflammation as they are super hydrating, healing and soothing. Probiotics are also helpful in balancing our immune system.  It is important to identify what is causing your eczema in order to treat it effectively.

6. What is the biggest difference between a morning routine & a nighttime routine? 

-Products are more potent when skin is at rest, so prepping your skin in the evening is really important. Deep cleansing of face and body, masking, LED Therapy, massage and micro-current are all great to do then. We also tend to have more time in the evenings, to do these extra things.
-Mornings, you can get away with quick rinse with water to cleanse the skin, followed by toner, serums, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF (if necessary).
-SPF should only be used in the morning when you are going to be in the sun for more than 20-30 minutes.

7. How do you prevent breakouts caused by wearing masks for Covid-19?

-Wear less makeup
-Cleanse and tone the skin before and after putting the mask on.
-Use balms on the areas where the mask edges hit the skin, to avoid friction. 

8. Can you use a body oil like Knight in Armor on your face? 

Yes, the product is so clean, I would use it on my face and a child's face. 

9. How do you use Seal the Deal in your skincare routines? 

My husband and I use it as an overnight facial mask. And I use as a massage tool during my facials.

10. Our products support the skins' natural biome. How can we simply explain this term to our parents? Why should they be concerned about keeping their family's natural biome? 

Keeping the skin balanced is what skin health is all about. Water and other detergents throw off our this balance (the natural pH of the skin. Your products help to balance and support the skin.  

11. How important is diet and gut health for healthy skin? 

Incredibly important, 70 % of the skins health is based on diet and what we put into our bodies, mental health is also very important as stress throws our skin off balance.

12. What are your top 3 Gryph & IvyRose products and how would you recommend using them as an adult in a skincare routine.

- Seal the Deal is Multipurpose, I use it as an overnight mask, post mosquito bites, on dehydrated patches of skin, and dry cuticles
- Body Oil during the day on my body.
- Chocolate Probiotics in the afternoon- I eat one as a quick, tasty, healthy pick me up.

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