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Karolina Kurkova's Holiday Gift Guide

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 Guidance from Pediatrician, Dr. Stephen Cowan's

"Fire Child, Water Child"


       The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start checking things off your little one’s wish list. Gifting can be rewarding yet equally as challenging, especially when you don’t know where to begin.  My gift to you this holiday season is putting together a holiday gift guide that is specially curated to fit a wide range of littles. Through my reading of Pediatrician, Stephen Cowan’s book “Fire Child, Water Child” I was able to carefully select products that each of the 5 types of children would appreciate this holiday season. All of these products are available online, making the shopping even easier for your busy family schedules. You can avoid those stressful lines and have these hand-picked products come directly to your door step! Happy shopping with this holiday gift guide from my family to yours!

P.S. "Fire Child, Water Child"  is an excellent book that I recommend to all families. Maybe a great holiday gift for your fellow parent friends!


 ( 1 ) The Wood Child: THE PIONEER

 The Wood Child is very energetic, curious and adventurous. They are active and need physical outlets in order to manage their energy and feelings, which will enable him to stay balanced. They are extremely curious and are driven to figure things out. This often leads to questioning of their parents and teachers. They like to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of authority figures. This gift selection covers all of your Wood Child’s likes with active toys to use outside, tools to aid in the exploration, hands on buildable and malleable objects as well as a bubble bath to soak in after a day filled with adventure and play. 

Holiday gift guide with Karolina Kurkova


1. Wild Flower Tee Shirt

2. Bamboo Balance Bike

3. Wooden Bow & Arrow

4. Scented Play Dough

5. Gryph & IvyRose Poppin Bubbles

6. Pyramid Building Blocks

7. Magnifying Glass

8. Wooden Drum

9. Kapla Wooden Eiffel Tower

10. Wooden Lacing Beads

 To continue on the hunt for your perfect Wood Child gift you should focus on active, hands on, building, and goal oriented gifts or activities.


 ( 2 )  The Fire Child: THE WIZARD

 The Fire Child is on the more active side. They are bright, vibrant and seek lots of stimulation. They want their parents to entertain and play with them. They love being surrounded by friends and family. They are very active and engaging while constantly on the move. A Fire Child may enjoy entertaining you by dancing and singing.  They recharge by being around people, and can’t wait to share every detail of their day at school as soon as they see you! The holiday gift guide selection encompasses all things Fire Child with activities for the inner yogi, baker, planner, and even includes some body oil to help unwind after an active day of play.

Karolina Kurkova's Holiday Gift Guide


1. “We are the Future” Tee

2. Wooden Baking Set

3. Gryph & IvyRose Body Oil

4. Little People, Big Dreams Book Collection

5. Yoga Card Game

6. Rifle Co. Planner and Pens

7. Felt Finger Puppets

8. Karate Classes

9. Starry Globe Night Light

 To add to this Holiday Gift Guide stick to things that are active, keeping your child on the move with activities such as mapping, collaging, drama and gymnastics.


( 3 ) The Earth Child: THE PEACEMAKER

 The Earth Child is friendly, outgoing and talkative, but doesn’t necessarily enjoy being in the spotlight. They are mommy’s little helper and are a loving child who’s very attached to Mom, Dad, Grandma and anyone else who cares for them. While your Earth Child may go with the flow, they can also get worried about their family and friends or even their pets. They are reluctant to be away from them for very long. This Holiday Gift Guide includes gifts that will keep your Earth-ling active, creative, musical and balanced.

Holiday Gift Guide with Karolina Kurkova

1. “Don’t Worry Be Hippie” Tee

2. Funny Word Sauce Dictionary

3. Wooden Toy Camera

4. Belly Works Herbal Elixir

5. Wall Xylophone

6. Crochet Mushroom Music Box

7. Rock Crayons

8. Red Balance Bike

9. World Travel Coloring Book

 To continue shopping for your little peace maker, find gifts that are geared towards a traveler, comedian, reader, and little chef.


 ( 4 ) The Metal Child: THE ALCHEMIST

 The Metal Child is easy going about many things, but also has a stubborn streak.  They are loving with their close relatives, but shy with strangers. They thrive on routine and ritual and are particular about many things, especially foods. They may be sensitive to textures and tastes. They are active, but not as active as Fire and Wood children who keep their parents on the go all the time. Instead, they enjoy a balance of activity and quiet time. This selection will give you a variety of activities to keep them active outdoors and indoors, but also gives your Metal Child creative activities they can do alone.

Karolina Kurkova's Holiday Gift Guide 

  1. "Wolf Pup" Tee
  2. Daily Embrace 2 in 1 Shampoo
  3. Walrus Boat Toy
  4. Lavender Night Time Balm
  5. “How to Draw” Flowers Activity Book
  6. Notebook for Journalling
  7. Ice Cream Making Sand Toy
  8. Felt Gardening Set
  9. Educational World Globe 
  10. Customized Bento Box

 If you want to look further for your Metal Child try looking into therapeutic and detail oriented activities but also something that keeps them active like gardening, cooking, and dance.



 The Water Child, is very creative and is likely a deep thinker. They feel more deeply than other children and often understand emotional nuances in ways that are considered wise beyond their years. Parents may describe their Water Child as an “old soul.” They can occupy themselves for hours in their own creative world, exploring these deeper thoughts and feelings. Here I have selected gifts that include creative activities that will keep your Water Child playing for hours within their imaginative world.

Karolina Kurkova's Holiday Gift Guide 

1. “Free Spirit” Tee

2. Fairy Princess Wings and Crown

3. Temporary Tattoos

4. Smartphone Movie Projector

5. Little Dreamer Onesie

6. Wooden Ukulele

7. Doki Smart Watch

8. The Secret Science of Magic Book

9. Summer Camp Journal

10. Chocolate Probiotic Hearts

To continue gift giving to the Water Child try creative activities, visual worlds, dress up, music and long term games.



Hope this Holiday Gift Guide helps direct your shopping with ease! Happy Holidays!


xx, Karolina Kurkova 




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