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Why You Crave Chocolate

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It’s the afternoon, a few minutes before the kids return home from school. You’ve checked a whopping two things off your to-do list, but suddenly have an intense craving for chocolate. You find yourself rummaging through the pantry looking for some left-over Easter chocolate, or pray that you caved last week when your kids begged for chocolate at the Whole Foods checkout line. But, why do we crave that afternoon chocolate anyway? According to Wellness Mama, there are several reasons!


You really need Magnesium

About 80% of people are magnesium deficient, and while chocolate’s not number one on the list of foods that are high in magnesium, it’s still top ten. 

 You like feeling happy, duh!

Did you know that eating chocolate actually makes you happy? After taking a bite of that chocolatey-goodness your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. This helps us move and supports our mood and memory. Your brain also releases serotonin which reduces anxiety, supports sleep & mood. And finally, theobromine, another chemical in the body that increases energy levels! Sounds like a powerhouse reaction, more chocolate please!  

 Your body needs antioxidants

Chocolate, especially darker chocolate, contains flavanols, a fancy name for antioxidants that are said to be anti-aging. Need I say more?!  


Just when you’re about to give up looking, you remember that you have a jar of your kid’s Gryph & IvyRose Chocolate Probiotics in the medicine cabinet. Quickly, before the kids get home, you sneak a few hearts hoping they won’t notice. Ahhh finally…chocolate craving gone!

And now your kids won’t have to share their chocolate treat. We released a NEW Chocolate Probiotic Heart just for YOU, momma. Next time you have that chocolate craving you won’t have to scrounge through the cupboards. You’ll have your chocolate hearts waiting for you, each one packed with 15 billion probiotics and 65% fair trade USDA organic cacao that will support healthy digestion, your immune system and satiate that afternoon sweet-tooth. Sign us up for that monthly subscription!

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